About Proclin Pharma S.A.


Proclin Pharma was founded on March 16 under the name of Proclin LTD.

Proclin started its first two alliances with laboratories Sanderson from Chile & Northia from Argentina.

Started  its first alliance  from South Asia with Aurobindo Pharma in India.

Pcking and labeling services are created to third parties.

Proclin Pharma and Gland Pharma from India started to work together.

Proclin Pharma &Nirma started their business relationship.

Proclin Pharma &KinLaboratories joined forces.

March 16 , Proclin Pharma celebrates 25 years of foundation, celebrating our achievements and new merits.

Proclin Pharma and Rovi Laboratories of Spain joined forces in a major alliance.


Proclin Pharma’s mission is to provide the pharmaceutical sector with products inwhich high quality and technology standards are the company’s priority.


Proclin Pharma’s vision is to keep consolidating its position as leaders in the pharmaceutical industry by keeping the best reputation reliability and our business ethics.

Quality policy

Proclin Pharma is committed in providing the Colombian pharmaceutical market high reliability including specialized business units, such as ARV’S, antibiotics, high volume solutions, anesthesia, and dental. These business units are based on the continuous improvement process that the pharmaceutical industry is demanding.